What Participants Have Said About the Facilitators

"Individually and together, the facilitators create a warm, safe, supportive environment in which a very diverse and dynamic group to come together and become re-energized to continue our collective struggle."

"Maggie and Jackie, your love shone steady and your courage is breathtaking. I am deeply gratefully. Thank you."

"Great balance, gentle movement through the process, strong sense of safety built and maintained. Personal beliefs, honesty and openness much appreciated and of great value."

" I loved the way the facilitators created a space for intense bonding, knowing and connectedness with each other and I felt safe in that."

"Great facilitators! Able to guide the group gracefully and keep focused yet still allowing spontaneity."

"I appreciated your skill as facilitators, your honesty, your acceptance of people's different needs and ways and stories. There was a gentle and persuasive invitation to participate as fully as you can, to go deeper, to take care of yourself."