Reconnecting to Life/The Work That Reconnects workshops and retreats engage heart, mind and spirit in the task of deepening and repairing our connections to ourselves, our human community and all planetary life.

Reconnecting to Life is a safe and transformative group process, led by highly skilled facilitators, in which we celebrate the joy and beauty of life, open to our true place in nature, and share witness to our deepest feelings about the challenges facing our troubled world.

Drawing on dialogue, ritual, contemplation, experiences in nature and a range of creative processes, we explore new ways of seeing that support a heart-felt and sustainable engagement with the world. Finding strength in our interconnectedness, we access the courage to speak our deepest truth and the creativity necessary for bringing our gifts into the service of life.




Upcoming Events:

Reconnecting to Life

This non-residential weekend offers transformative processes for our difficult times. Gathering in community we will explore ideas and activities that enable us to bring our unique gifts more fully into the service of life. Jackie Larkin and Maggie Ziegler have co-facilitated for seventeen years,  have had extensive training and experience with Joanna Macy, and are walking the path of grounding this work in practices of decolonization. They welcome  Maxine Matilpi, a citizen of the Kwakiutl-Ma’amtigila Nations, to the facilitation team for this weekend.

A transformative process for difficult times with facilitators, Jackie Larkin, Maggie Ziegler and Maxine Matilpi

Location: Victoria, BC, Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary, November 24 – 25, 2018

Cost: $185

FacilitatorsJackie Larkin, Maggie Ziegler and Maxine Matilpi



The Work That Reconnects

A six day residential retreat held in a stunning setting atop a hillside on Bowen Island. This retreat is made very accessible through the generosity of Rivendell. This longer workshop is an opportunity to more deeply explore, repair and celebrate  our relationships with all life on earth.

Rvendell Retreat Centre

Location: Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island

Cost: TBA

FacilitatorsJackie Larkin, Maggie Ziegler

Dates: July 5- July 10, 2019

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