As concerned citizens, whether we are activists, artists, educators, scientists, or observers on the side-lines, we often find ourselves blocking off the heart-pain we carry for our wounded world, denying the truths within us and around us.

Bound by a materialistic and individualistic culture we frequently seek personal causes and solutions to our emotional and spiritual emptiness. Even when engaged in activities for change we are often equally busy defending and protecting ourselves from painful feelings – despair, a sense of futility, anger and grief – because we do not think we can handle these feelings if we let them free.

In this group process, pioneered by Joanna Macy, we open our hearts with compassion to the suffering of all beings, we speak our truths and are fully heard, and we experience the interconnected and interdependent nature of our lives. A deepening ecological consciousness and ecological literacy, enables us to engage in wise relationships with all of life and to move forward in ways that are heart-felt, thoughtful and sustainable. We shift to new possibilities and access energy for renewed action.

Reconnecting to Life offers a joyous relationship to creativity, to the human community and to the land. Through practices that shift perceptions and name our deepest concerns about our difficult times we experience our place in the web of life. We enter our own hearts and minds, into community, into deepening experience of nature, and encourage the growth of ecological consciousness and literacy.

Reconnecting to Life emerges from the historical river of movements for social justice and environmental sustainability. It is based in the ideas and processes of deep ecology, systems theory and modern science.

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“I go home with a deeper experience and understanding of how each of us, coming as we do from different strands of the web, are united in our common cause for the renewal of humanity and the earth.”

“These three days have been an amazing process. I have begun my journey towards love and compassion for all beings. The experiential processes deepened my relations with my family and all on this earth.”

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