“The work that reconnects works. What you did here this weekend worked: hearts cracked open.”

This was a time to reflect on what it means to care deeply about our earth and the pain that we humans inflict on each other and other species. The process enabled me to transform pain and anger into energy and hope and personal action. Thank you!

Reconnecting to Life has helped me remember what I already know: that all our struggles are one, embraced by the wonder and fullness of this Earth. And it has taken me further, opening my eyes and heart to places of power and freedom unknown before.

For me, it was a time of nourishment and rejuvenation, a re-claiming of my personal power, a naming of my future direction and of experiencing immense gratitude to all beings.

I have renewed energy from the facilitators and from the connections with others. The workshop has helped me to continue believing that we can indeed create a better, more just and caring world.

Relief from the pressures of my life. Renewal. A chance to get out of mounting hopelessness. There is a way forward!

This workshop is a life changing experience in opening the body, mind and spirit to the potential of who we are in relation to all other beings on this fragile planet we call home.

Everything worked. Liked the cumulative effect of doing so many different kinds of exercises – paying attention to the integration of mind, body, heart and spirit. The attention to earth, to nature, to universe, to deep time, to compassion and insight, all of this and much more I carry with me. Thank you for opening my spirit, consciousness, and heart.

“This workshop completely changed my perspective of my relationship with the planet. It has quietly moved me to be a louder voice for change.”

“The workshop changed my life, inspired me, filled me and pushed me where I needed.”

Reconnecting to Life is for anyone who cares about the planet.”